Friday, May 7, 2010


Hey everyone! hope you can make it to the show tonight. Everything looks great!!

Come to the Nan Boynton Gallery on Railroad square from 6pm!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fernanda Torcida

Ashley Cline

Childhood memories never happen exactly as we remember them. Time and outside influences cause those memories to evolve into something our minds have fabricated.

The black and white images were lifted from found 8mm filmstrips that have been covered with various mediums. This method is intended to be the physical embodiment of the process a person’s brain undergoes to alter a childhood memory.

Heather Forlong

My figural paintings provide a catalyst to disconnect myself from being a middle class American in the twenty-first century to a world engulfed in a brilliant color palette. I entertain a style of painting that takes classical subject matter and explores different color combinations to create an off-kilter realm of being. Drawing out the crimsons and oranges hidden in the figure’s highlights along side the deep ceruleans and viridian greens, I bring forth a reality of my own imagination

Chris Beard

Chris Knight

From the depths of his lair, dimly lit by a sourceless luminescence, Chris Knight adorns canvas with pigmented oil. Locked away, with only tomes written in forgotten tongues as company, he projects his indirect understanding of the surface world in the form of mythic imagery. Forever lost to the land of men (and women, as he reasons), his legend is poorly understood by scholars.